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Understanding who influences cost

Gaining an understanding of your quoted price is critical to unlock the hidden value.

Optipedia allows you get to the heart of this understanding and determining what is the real cost you should be paying for the goods or service, the "Should Cost"?

Optipedia Digital Suite of Tools gives you the power and control, helping procurement functions across the globe to:

  1. Gain in-depth understanding of the supplier processes and KPI's. (Cost Understanding)
  2. Digitalised data. (Cost Control)
  3. Showing procurement where and what to look at. (Analytics)
  4. Model future Supplier cost scenarios (Cost Modelling)
  5. Sustainable pricing control & governance (Sustainable Value)

Moving from "Does Cost" to "Should Cost" in Procurement

Supply Chain

Optimising Order Management

Building on Optipedia 'Should Cost" data, with the Order Management Optimiser Tool allows Supply Chain Planning professionals to fully optimise 'Smart' economic order quantities (EoQ +plus).

EoQ +plus is a process whereby optipedia models the best case order patterns by (family manufacturing) releasing value:

  1. By eliminating costly setup costs
  2. Freeing up supply capacity

InnoArk exceptional service to the Operation team of Danone for transformation of data into powerful information with visualisation have enabled me and my team to see information very effectively with high-level view across various factories in Asia on factory efficiency with drill down capacbility, not only in time saving aspects, but also in the level of insight one can get from the data.

Regional Manager APME, Danone

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In reality almost every function contributes to raising the quoted price (Does Cost) above what the goods or services should cost (Should Cost). This is often driven by imperfect decision making through lack of understanding, visibility, and sub-optimal processes.

Optipedia helps you gain the understanding and the visibility of the "Should Cost" and link the business function to optimise costs.

InnoArk Optipedia Services

InnoArk's Optipedia suite of tools are both configurable and customiseable and can be operated as an integrated system with the clients ERP system or indeed operate as a stand alone system using InnoArk's cloud based hosting.

InnoArk's team of specialists, developers and data scientist's help our clients to navigate through the labyriths of desired requirements to delivery the right solutions that meet business needs/goals, supporting our clients with the often complex task of on-boarding internal and external clients and suppliers.

Product Development

Design to a Cost

Optipedia 'Design to a cost' Tool (linked to Optipedia 'Should Cost' data) allows Product Development to quickly model the cost of new Products / Design against the predecessor:

  1. to ensure cost aligned to the business case
  2. to ensure the supply base has the manufacturing capability to meet the needs of the new Products / Design 
  3. prevent surprises further down the development pipe-line

Optipedia Design to a Cost tool gives an end to end view of supplier capability and valid cost prediction ensuring new products / designs are developed to a know cost.

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